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Mopars Of Month: January 2002
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1971 Dodge Charger SE By Lloyd Overbee


971 Dodge Charger SE

I have bought this car from a lady who divorced her husband. Found it at a car show at the Mopar Mini-Nats in Garland, Texas. Took a look at it had to have it. The car had rust under the vinyl top and on the quarters and the motor was shot besides other things. The car is a lot different now, then when I first bought it. Took about two years to get the car until she went down on price. Guess what I have it... Owned it for about 6yrs. Removed the vinyl top because of the rust problems that these types usually have. Also the car has the original interior with the original radio. Found a 440 original year block from a friend of mine, an it made my day because it is correct for the car. He Ha!!! The new motor is a 440 6-pack changed it to a fuel injection motor.

Has a Haltech Fuel and Ignition Timing Computer on it, to control all aspects of the engine. It has a 6-pack crank balance internally, 6-pack rods peened, Hypoeutectic pistons, hydraulic roller billet cam, T&D roller rockers (1.60In)(1.65Ex), Ported and Polished and motor is balanced. The cc on the heads is 81cc. It has a MSD6 digital control box, Mallory Distributor lock in at 10 degrees because the
computer controls everything. Flow masters exhaust system 2 1/2, sub frame connectors, 8 3/4 rear end with a 3.91 Strange gears and Strange axle bearings.  The compression on this car is 10.6 to 1 runs super unleaded (93 octane) puts out 600 screaming ponies. All this power is delivered though a 727 tranny to the rear wheels.  There is alot more on this car then what meets the eye but it will take me a complete sheet and then some. This car is a 12s car. which this makes my boy happy. One of my loves of my life are my Mopars. Which I also own a 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda which I am restoring. There are very few who love Mopars which is why I am sending a picture of this beauty. The first one I ever owned was a 1968 Roadrunner 383 and the speed got me hook on the Mopar cars.  MOPAR To You All....

Lloyd Overbee
Plano, TX 75074



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