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1937 Plymouth P3 Business Coupe By Kirk Estes

1937 Plymouth P3 Business Coupe By Kirk Estes image 1.

Mopar Car Of The Month August 2018:

New to me 1937 Plymouth Business Coupe. I have always built my own cars in the past and all have been Plymouths including a 33 Coupe, 48 Business Coupe, 48 Club Coupe and a 73 Big Block Cuda. When I started talking about a new builder my wife reminded me that I really don't have an adequate facility to build in and with my work travel schedule the time to build again. You know, she was right. Hate when that happens.So I told her I would buy one that is already done, but the joke is on her because they are never done. Found this P3 Business Coupe in Detroit. It was a nice older build (passed NSRA Safety Inspection in 2009) that was still in very good shape. Flew to Detroit, negotiated the deal and immediately jumped in to drive it home to the Dallas area. In the last month I have rebuilt the 727 transmission, changed the fuel pump and installed a new exhaust. Will be making some future changes to the 1999 Dodge 360 Magnum in the short term. Long term, I will remove the small rear jump seat the previous owner added and convert it back to a true business coupe configuration as part of a new interior. Likely a repaint in the next few years as well. While the paint is in decent shape it is starting to show its age.

Kirk Estes - Plano, Texas

1937 Plymouth P3 Business Coupe By Kirk Estes image 2.
1937 Plymouth P3 Business Coupe By Kirk Estes image 2.
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