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1999 Dodge Dakota R/T By Mark Taylor

1999 Dodge Dakota R/T By Mark Taylor image 1.

Mopar Truck Of The Month May 2018:

I had 2, this is most likely the 1999. I worked for Chrysler (and still do) and bought a 1999 which was subsequently bought back due to mis-represented towing numbers. The 9" tires would get damaged if you towed over 500 pounds and squatted the rear suspension. I didn't get the Infiniti radio the first time, so I ordered a replacement identical other than that. Sold the 2000 in 2001 because, frankly, I never drove it. I miss those trucks. The 1999 had a K&N in a 4-barrel style round filter, pulleys, exhaust and Lakewood slapper bars because it had wheel hop. The 2000 was actually substantially faster dead stock. The 2000 had a 4cyl frame...I am assuming the weight loss accounts for the speed edge, as well as the fact it hooked and didn't wheel hop like the 1999.

Mark Taylor - Laguna Hills, California

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