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1957 Fargo D100 By Max Pagani

1957 Fargo D100 By Max Pagani image 1.

This is my Mopar:

1957 D100 Fargo. 360 engine SITS VERY LOW IN TE CHASSIS FOR BETTER HANDLING, Dual Exhaust, 4 Barrel Holley, 1979 Plymouth Volare front end and 1989 Monarch rear end. The truck was pulled out of a farmers field in Manitoba 30 years ago, cost a bottle of whiskey to the farmer. Rebuilt 3 times. Daily driver, fun and exciting street rod. A friend of mine owned it for 27 years. I was lucky enough to buy it from him. It has more under the hood then I mentioned. I am not one to describe it well. It rumbles and roars and sounds great. Rare machine, especially being a Fargo. I have had the pleasure driving it for the past 2 years..

Max Pagani - Powell River, Canada

1957 Fargo D100 By Max Pagani image 2.
1957 Fargo D100 By Max Pagani image 3.

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