Mopars Of The Month Help and F.A.Q:

Classic Dodge Challenger BurnoutSection includes information on using our site and getting your classic or modern mopar featured.

What is the “Mopars Of The Month”?

: Our Mopars of the month is a unique site featuring Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and all Mopar related cars and trucks submitted by our visitors each month. The site also includes a collection of cool screensavers and desktop wallpaper featuring mopars.

: How do I get my Mopar featured?

: Getting your  mopar featured is simple, use our Submit Your Mopar page. You will be able to add a description and photos that will be included when we get your ride added to the site.

Mopar Archive Help and F.A.Q:

Collection of frequently asked questions and help topics on using the 440magnum Network Mopar Archive site and submitting your mopar to be featured on our network.

: What is the 440magnum Network Mopar Archive?

: Our Mopar archive contains the complete collection of Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Mopar related cars and trucks featured on our network from 1998 to last month. This section contains thousands of cool mopars submitted by our visitors over the years, is yours included?

: I sold my Mopar should I have it removed from the archive?

: No, after your mopar has been featured on our network it is archived. Having it removed can really mess up the archive. We suggest sending us an update saying you no longer own the vehicle or you would like to have your name removed. Just visit the update my Mopar page to submit your additions or changes. If you really would like your mopar removed, we will do so just contact us. Please allow up to 90 days for you mopar to be removed.

: When will my Mopar be added to the archive?

: After we have received your submission, your Mopar will be reviewed and featured on the Mopars Of The Month Site. the following month it will be added to the archive. Most Mopars will also qualify to be featured on other 440magnum Network related sites. Example, if you own a Dodge Truck your truck may also be featured on our site for example. If you own a Dodge Coronet R/T your ride will also be featured on our site. For more information on our network of Mopar related sites visit here. We normally add Mopars to our network sites within 72 hours.

: When will my Update be added to the archive?

: After we have received your update, your information will be reviewed and updated on the Mopars Of The Month Site. If your mopar was also featured on one of our network sites your update will normally be added within 72 hours.

: What is the best way to use the Mopar Archive site?

: You can view mopars featured on the archive site by month, year or use the search engine to find what you are looking for.