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Submit Your Mopar.

Welcome to the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network "Submit Your Mopar" Gateway! This section will provide you with the information you need to have your Mopar related vehicle featured on our network.

First, we would like to thank you for visiting our network and considering having your Mopar featured. We specialize in featuring Mopar related rides, we started doing it back in 1998. The Mopars Of The Month site has over 5000 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Mopar related vehicles featured and archived from 1998 to 2021.

Our Mopars Of The Month site is a collection of Mopars submitted to our main site and network sites each month. To participate you must submit us a photo and description of your Mopar. (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Desoto, AMC, Jeep, Dodge Truck, etc.) It can be your classic or modern mopar, your daily driver, your current project, your mopar race car or maybe your mopar show car it does not matter WE WILL FEATURE IT !!! All Mopars submitted are featured the following month in the Mopars Of The Month section on the main network site. Plus your ride could be added to one of our network sites that specialize in more specific Mopar related vehicles.

If you are submitting your Mopar from one of our network sites this section will also let you submit your ride for that site and have your Mopar featured next month in the Mopars Of The Month Section. Mopars are added to our network sites within 72 hours*. Upon verification of your submission our staff will contact you and let you know when your mopar will be featured. Our staff will also let you know if your ride was added to one of our network sites.

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If your Mopar was featured in the past, please visit our update your Mopar section.

*Please Note: All Mopars submitted are processed by hand, this is not an automated process. We normally add Mopars to our network sites within 72 hours. This is only an estimate and could be longer according to how many Mopars are in the queue, holidays, weekends and other factors out of our control.

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