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1979 Dodge LIL Red Express Truck By Rick

1979 Dodge Little Red Express Truck - Image 1.

This Is My Mopar:

Love your site, here is a photo of my stock '79 Little Red Express Truck. I've had it two years and am finishing the restoration the previous owner started. The interesting story behind this truck is how I got it. I live near Seattle and was looking for one, I drove to North Dakota to look at one but it was not as nice as I wanted and returned with no truck. My Hemmings was waiting so I called on one in Texas, turned out the owner was moving to Texas from another state and the truck was not in Texas yet. The guy was moving from Washington and the truck was 40 minutes from my house.

I've worked on the cosmetics and some minor mechanical stuff. Its my toy and my License plate is "ADLTTOY".

Thanks for considering it, Rick

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