1980 Dodge and Mopar related trucks featured in the past

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Mopar Trucks Featured In The Past

Our 1980 Dodge and Plymouth Truck archive contains a collection of trucks featured on our network from 1998 to last month, these were submitted by our visitors.

Choose a 1980 model below, this collection covers the 1980 year of trucks featured on the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network in past.

Dodge Trucks offered in 1980:

  • B100 Van - 1/2 Ton Sportsman Wagon, 1/2 Ton Tradesman Van.
  • B200 Van - 3/4 Ton Sportsman Wagon, 3/4 Ton Tradesman Van.
  • B300 Van - 1 Ton Van, 1 Ton Wagon.
  • D100 Custom - 1/2 Ton Pickup LWB, 1/2 Ton Pickup Shortbed.
  • D150 Custom - 1/2 Ton Club Cab, 1/2 Ton Club Cab LWB, 1/2 Ton Pickup LWB, 1/2 Ton Pickup Shortbed.
  • D200 Custom - 3/4 Ton Crew Cab, 3/4 Ton Crew Cab LWB, 3/4 Ton Pickup LWB, 3/4 Ton Club Cab LWB.
  • D300 - 1 Ton Crew Cab LWB, 1 Ton Pickup LWB, 1 Ton Club Cab LWB.
  • D50 - Pickup, Sport Pickup.
  • Ramcharger - 2 Door Utility.

Plymouth Trucks offered in 1980:

  • Arrow Pickup - 1/2 Ton, 1/2 Ton Sport.
  • PB100 Van - 1/2 Ton Voyager.
  • PB200 Van - 3/4 Ton Voyager.
  • Trail Duster - 2 Door Utility.

Featured 1980 Dodge and Plymouth Trucks:

Dodge Ram:

1980 Dodge CB 300 By Chobie Shedwell

1980 Dodge D150 By Gaylon Schlatter

1980 Dodge D150 Custom By Kevin Isenberg

1980 Dodge D300 By Mike Stevens

1980 Dodge Ram By Tracey Sievers

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